Schedule for knockout phase of BCA T20 Cup, Shield, Plate

Bridgetown, Barbados, October 15 - ( - Following is the schedule for the knockout phase of the BCA Twenty20 Cup, Shield and Plate Competitions:

QUARTER-FINALS (NB: Play starts at 1 p.m.)

T20 Cup - October 17 (Reserve: October 18)

BWU Gladiola v Spartan at Rices; Sagicor Life UWI ‘A’ v Wildey at 3Ws Oval; Wanderers v Empire at Dayrells Road; Carlton v Bayview Hospital YMPC at Kensington Oval.

T20 Shield - October 17 (Reserve: October 18)

BDF v JCB Boscobelle at Paragon; Wildey v St. John Cultural at SJPI; Carlton v IGS Insurance Brokers Yorkshire at Desmond Haynes Oval; Crane Resort St. Catherine v Crane & Equipment Brereton at Bayfield.

T20 Plate - October 24 (Reserve: October 25)

BNOC v Benson Mini Mart Melbourne at Woodbourne; Crane Resort St. Catherine v Benfica at Bayfield; Midas Magic Ipswich v North Stars at Eden Lodge; IDL Walkers Sand Quarry Isolation Cavaliers v Market Hill at KMV Oval.



T20 Cup - October 24 (Reserve: October 25)

T20 Shield - October 24 (Reserve: October 25)

T20 Plate - October 31 (Reserve November 1)



T20 Cup - November 14 (Reserve: November 15)

T20 Shield - November 14 (Reserve: November 15)

T20 Plate - November 7 (Reserve: November 8)

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