Sanasie, Hope present manifesto in bid for CWI top two positions

Bridgetown, Barbados, March 18 - ( - Following is the manifesto of Anand Sanasie and Calvin Hope who are challenging incumbents Ricky Skerritt and Dr. Kishore Shallow for the posts of president and vice-president of Cricket West Indies (CWI) on March 28:

Transformational Leadership Guaranteed To:

Restore and sustain the global profile of West Indies cricket and CWI

• Re-engineer policies to energize CWI staff and Full Member Territorial Boards to restore and sustain excellence in our cricket administration

• Implement a set of new initiatives aimed at arresting the declining standards and quality of our cricket, so as to deliver a modernized environment in which excellence can be appreciated and demonstrated in every area at all levels amongst players and administrators including supporting cricket officials

• Establish an international network of alliances for exposure and development of our most talented players for the purposes of enhancing their skills and global competitiveness

• Establish and facilitate strategies for development of Clubs and Schools’ cricket in CWI full member territories including regional invitational Clubs and Schools tournaments

• Establish and facilitate a special Cricket Scholarship Programme for Youth/Schools players

• Minimize risks to prevent CWI from being exposed to legal, financial and negative publicity

• Utilize the services and status of our iconic past players to support the policies and initiatives in our agenda to restore and sustain excellence in our cricket.

• Establish a new global fund raising campaign to support a CWI Strategic Plan for the next ten (10) years 2021 – 2031

OPERATION RESCUE” PLAN is driven by (a) The long accepted business principle that the life cycle of any product/brand goes through five (5) stages:- Product development stage; Market Introduction; Growth stage; Maturity stage; and Decline stage; (b) Against the background that:

(i) West Indies cricket is in the fifth stage of the aforesaid business principle, having been in decline for several

years; and

(ii) The promised approach and actions of the current leadership of CWI which were supposed to be underpinned by transparency and accountability, have failed to arrest the decline and to engineer a path for growth.

(iii) Collaterally, within the last two years of CWI leadership, the performance of West Indies cricket has further nose-dived on and off the field. Consequently, the financial balance sheet of CWI remains in the red, and the competitive profile of our cricket has not improved. Serious matters have also arisen regarding conflict of interest and transparency.

What We Will Deliver -

First 100 days


1. Immediately secure vaccines and arrange appropriately for players and staff of CWI to be vaccinated.

2. In each CWI Full Member Territory, engage with respective Governments and relevant personnel to agree an appropriate plan for hosting regional and international matches and or tournaments in the CWI Calendar 2021 – 2023.

3. Establish and facilitate virtual interaction seminars (via Zoom) for training and motivating players, coaches and match officials.


4. Assess and effectively re-allocate financial resources for more meaningful impact with the administration of cricket and related affairs of CWI.

5. Review CWI’s legal instruments and its other previously commissioned documents and take the necessary action for improving the corporate governance of the company.

6. Review and or re-organize the existing Committee structure of the Board with new Terms of Reference, as the case to add value to assist the Board’s decision making pursuant to its approval policies and objectives of agreed Plans.

7. Establishing standard operating procedures for the Board and for dealing with Territorial Boards/Shareholders and reporting by Committees of the Board, to ensure adherence to the corporate governance instruments of the company.

8. Review and institute (i) a more equitable and transparent Fitness Standards Regime for players; (ii) a modernized personnel development programme for players, and (iii) rationalize the policy relating to retainer contracts for West Indies and Franchise teams players.


1. Establish a four (4) year Strategic Plan for each West Indies team (including the “A” team) with the aim of achieving greater competitiveness and excellence in their engagements.

2. Formulate a Plan for improvement and development of Club and Schools cricket in Full member territories, while provisioning special facilitation for the same in the Leeward and Windward Islands.

3. Establish a post – Director of Women’s Cricket Development, dedicated to encourage and develop Women’s cricket in full member territories.

4. Establish arrangements with successful past West Indies players to provide meaningful mentorship and performance enhancement support to (i) regional franchise teams; (b) regional youth teams; and (c) West Indies teams.


5. Develop a regional Marketing Communications Programme to highlight and promote the importance of cricket to the region and further build the image of the game among all stakeholders.

6. Engage and encourage partnerships among regional Governments and their National Tourism Agencies to formulate a Joint Plan for leveraging the value of our cricket. This will allow for the sport to used as a viable asset to play a more meaningful role in tourism, enhancing foreign exchange earnings and socioeconomic development.

7. Establish a schedule for meetings with each full member territorial Board once a quarter, and their general body once a year, with the aim of addressing pertinent matters related to the affairs of West Indies cricket, and emerging issues.

What We Will Deliver -

The Next 24 Months

Allied to delivery of the particular matters in the First 100 days ensure:

1. Planning and liaising for cooperation pursuant to the actions and agreed arrangements in response to Covid 19 Pandemic.

2. Improvement of Corporate Governance and Financial management of the organisation.

3. Establishment of new revenue generating streams by way of cultivation of relationships in non-traditional markets, and unlocking new financial sources regionally and internationally.

4. Establishment of a special fund for promotion and development of cricket in full member territories including setting up of technologically advanced Cricket Centres/Academies dedicated to improve and enhance the skills of talented players, and to prepare them to successfully engage and navigate the modern global cricket environment. Such a fund will be supported by but not limited to the bidding fees received from regional Governments for hosting international cricket matches/events in their countries.

5. Improve all existing cricket development related systems to facilitate arrangements for identified domestic cricket competitions in full member territories to be accorded First Class Cricket status.

6. Leverage the profile of West Indies cricket for placing emerging talented players and or other talented players (men and women) for exposure and development of their skills in overseas cricket conditions, by special arrangements under Agreements (MOUs) with targeted international cricket partners.

7. Timeline for implementation of the initiatives contained in the developed regional Marketing Commutations Programme.

8. Maintenance of positive relations with West Indies Players Association (WIPA) and individual players; and for proper management of the Players Provident Fund, and Past Players Foundation.

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